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With the current global challenges, there is need to ensure that we maintain balance between the social, economic and environmental concerns to achieve inclusive and sustainable development. As a signatory to most of the global agenda, including Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, Agenda 2063; Lesotho has committed to contributing to their successful achievement. One such commitment is through the Lesotho’s First Nationally Determined Contributions (2017:24) on waste management which highlights the need for policy action towards:


Started in 2017, MAKTUKS LOGISTICS is a business specializing in rental of vans and garbage trucks. It deals with the collection, transport, construction and operation of household as well as industry waste management solutions. Most of these services are in response to the National Strategic Development Plan II (NSDP II)’s Key Priority Area III which aims to attain sustainable solid waste management in Lesotho.

With the NSDP II noting that coverage of the waste management services remains mostly focussed in Maseru, our company aims to increase coverage to other districts by providing adequate equipment to limit the solid waste that is dumped and left without any treatment or covering. As the company grows, we also aim to assist with advisory and advocacy on solid waste management in an attempt to contribute to the promotion of private-municipal partnerships on waste management and recycling. Our motto says it all, “Think Clean, Keep It Green,” indicating our commitment towards environmental sustainability.



We put your needs first.

Provide services to our clients with due care for the safety and health of employees, protection of the environment without compromising quality.

Working with all the stakeholders regional and national to sustainable environmental management

Maintaining high ethical standards and accountability

Always striving to deliver to the best of our capabilities with persistent improvements in skills, business processes and equipment

Alliance with the Lesotho’s
Environmental Management policies, regulations, rules and procedures, legal and strategic frameworks

Our interaction and clients’ information to be kept in strict confidence in line with data protection rules and regulations.

We guarantee to deliver on ourpromises to our clients

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